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Tool and high-speed steel

Tool and high-speed steel

Tool steels are primarily used to make tools used in manufacturing processes as well as for machining of metals, wood, and plastics. Tool steels are generally ingot-cast wrought products, and must be able to withstand high specific loads as well as be stable at elevated temperatures. They have high strength, toughness and wear resistance..

Cold-Work Steel

Cold-work steels have high chromium contents. They ensure high surface hardness, good toughness and compressive strength, and provide excellent wear resistance. Typical applications include cold-work tools, cutting-off tools, rolls for cold rolling, measuring tools, etc.

Brand Name Ravne No. W. No. DIN AISI
CRV2 837 1.2631 X50CrMoW9-1-1 -
OA2 860 1.2363 X100CrMoV5-1 A2
OCR6 933 1.4112 X90CrMoV18 440B
OCR8VMS 245 - - -
OCR12 812 1.2080 X210Cr12 D3
OCR12VM 834 1.2379 X155CrVMo12-1 D2
OH236 236 1.2360 X48CrMoV-1 -
OH239 239 1.2767 X45NiCrMo4 -
OH253 253 1.2357 50CrMoV13-1 S7
OH255 255 - - -

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Hot-Work Steel

Hot-work steels contain chromium, tungsten, and molybdenum. Their properties are matched specifically to high-temperature applications. They are used for hot-work tools, die casting tools, extrusion tools, etc.

Brand Name Ravne No. W. No. DIN AISI
RAVNEX 868 - - H11 Mod.
UTOP2 856 1.2581 X30WCrV93 H21
UTOPCO2 861 1.2885 X32CrMoCoV3-3-3 H10A
UTOPMO2 851 1.2344 X40CrMoV51 H13
UTOPMO4 859 1.2345 X50CrVMo51 Approx. H11
UTOPMO7 254 1.2367 X38CrMoV5-3 -

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Low-Alloyed Cold-Work Steel

The so-called special-purpose tool steels include low-cost, low-alloyed steels, often specified for machine parts when wear resistance combined with toughness is important. They are usually quenched, which makes them relatively tough and easily machinable. They are typically used for reamers, tap drills, various cutting tools, drawing dies, etc.

Brand Name Ravne No. W. No. DIN AISI
MERILO 802 1.2842 90MnCrV8 O2
OCR4ES 810 1.3505 100Cr6 52100
OH237 237 - - S5
OSIKRO4 827 1.2550 60WCrV7 S1
OW4 242 1.2510 100MnCrW4 O1
UTOPEX2 854 1.2714 56NiCrMoV7 -
UTOPNIN 249 1.2738 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 P20 Mod.

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High-Speed Steel

High-speed steels contain molybdenum and tungsten. They are hardened to 62-67 HRC and maintain this hardness in service temperatures as high as 540° C. Their properties are high wear resistance, high hardness at elevated and low temperatures, and excellent toughness. Typical applications: cutting-off tools (knives, drills, milling cutters, etc.), rolls for cold rolling, cold-work tools.


Brand Name Ravne No. W. No. DIN AISI
BRCMO 882 1.3243 S6-5-2-5 M35
BRCMO2 883 1.3247 S2-10-1-8 M42
BRM2 876 1.3343 S5-5-2 M2
BRW 870 1.3355 S18-0-1 T1

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